Sunday, July 3, 2011

Guarantees and perfection.

Real Girl - Mutya Buena

"Nothing's ever perfect, there's no guarantee..." – Real Girl/ Mutya Buena

There are no guarantees and perfection in life and how you deal with both of those things is up to you. It’s hard sometimes to accept losses. Ultimately no one wants to face the pain of losing something. I’d like to say that losing something means you haven’t found perfect, but that’s a bit cruel. Things come and go in our life naturally and saying that well it gives no room for human error and changes of heart. Those things are real, they do happen on occasion and in spite of my own bit of heartbreaks now and again, I still believe that you can have what you dream.

Why? Because what one man deems to be perfection is not what another man sees. That is truly something because no one can tell that man differently. He thinks that he has found perfection and his idea of what someday looks like. Someday is when perfect happens to a person. And that’s the thing about perfect is what you see as perfect, no one else may think is, but to you it is so amazing and wonderful. And if waiting around for perfection to happen to you or be explained sounds like you might be waiting until you die… most likely you won’t have to wait that long, yet you have to take a risk for it to happen. Love happens... it does.

And in life, if you think there's something you were meant do, dream of doing put yourself out there and see what happens. Take the bull by the horns and don't look back. Commit to it! You can do anything. The world is at your feet. Remember, someday is completely up to you.

So what matters? Everyone matters. Being a "real" gal or fella is staying present in the moment that is in front of you and enjoying it. Not overthinking, or worrying about what isn’t happening. It's being yourself and accepting all that comes from that. Other external opinions will always be there, but true love from within is the only way you can find that acceptance and appreciation first. Without that there is nothing that can ever satisfy you. Real love wants happiness for others and that happiness starts within. Please be good to yourselves as will I. Someone out there cares for you. They do. Promise. Now, I'm thinking of another song and please scream if you must cause I'm sharing...

"You'll be given love, you'll be taken care of. Maybe not from these sources you have poured yours. Maybe not from the directions, you are staring at. Twist your head around. It's all around you. All is full of love." - bjork.

What always stuck with me about this track is how it reminds you that love is all around you and it is always there. In the places that you can see and those you cannot, in places that are both near and far away, and remaining in place even when you’ve turned away from it. Your friends, family that have always been there will always be there. You can always go home even if you choose not to stay, visiting never hurts. Remember life is what you make it. There is magic, mystery and wonderful beauty in this world. Have to stay present and remain open to it.


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