Monday, June 6, 2011


Fame Kills c/o

"Everyone will be famous for 15 minutes. " Andy Warhol

The story 15 minutes was written as a request from my sister and the title borrows the idea from Mr. Warhol's lovely quote. I think Warhol was a genius when he said it. Mostly because now I think it's the celebrity that people want. Why? Because it's not that they want to be remembered for doing something, it's that they want to be remember for being somebody. No one cares if you've invented the next big breakthrough for curing AIDS. That's a nice thing they'll say before asking about the dirt. Of course they'll certainly want to know your dirty laundry. It's unnecessary but people want to know those very personal and intimate details on the TV, the internet, via text message and so forth. And they aren't afraid to ask it. 

I clearly recognize the need for capitalism but to a degree I tend to believe that maintaining a personal life outside of the public eye ought to be something more desirable than fame. Not everything needs to be fodder for the news broadcasts, the tabloids, or social media. And the repercussions of that kind of  celebrity whether it is the news or the gossip shows continues to be bad for anyone. It puts people into the public eye when it is unnecessary. "Sex, drugs and dying makes headlines, so lets sell it!"

The small melodramas of life, are broadcast and placed under public scrutiny. And it's not limited to a blurb on the news. Change the channel over and over again.  We see people flogged, publicly chastised for making a mistake that everyday people make. But since it is on TV let's throw stones at them! Bottom line: No one needs to hear someone's dirty laundry, but will that stop them from seeking it out? No. There will continue to be television that emphasizes drama over action or craft. 

Needless to say I'm not impressed by that aspect of celebrity; the idea that fame will come from simply doing nothing. And I have to admit there's something about people impressed by that particular aspect of celebrity that I find a bit irritating. Now as far as it goes I am impressed by a person who does their job and does it well. Putting yourself out there to do your craft is amazing. Whether that means you are a plumber, a guitar player, a teacher, a doctor or an actor. Regardless if it is televised. You strike out in this life to be successful not food for gossip. Success and fame are not the same thing. Fame will grease the wheels to make meetings and opportunities easier. Success will show if you put effort into your craft. What do you want to be remembered for? 

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