Monday, June 13, 2011


Diva - Beyonce

Are you a DIVA? You say you aren't. You say there's not a Badass bone in your body. Think again. You are more than capable of handling your own as a Diva. Get it right ladies. Pick up that fabulous hair, give it a shake and look straight ahead. Confidence and attitude are the key to making the magic happen. A woman can ALWAYS handle her own even when they say she can't. You were born to be DIVAS! Don't listen to that distracting noise. And for the Men same advice different approach. No fierce needed to be a Badass. You are a Badass if you want to be. Own that right. We are all capable of so much more. Remember, you only need to convince yourself. Do not doubt yourself... not even for one minute. 

Anyway... this is an older track. it reminds me that a woman can get just as crazy as the fellas... and still maintain. all while looking a whole lotta fierce. 

kisses. m.

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