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The Awake Chronicles: Leap


Are we so afraid of not taking a chance that you’ll leap at every chance instead of choosing something? A firm decision is taking a chance. Not every choice is the right one. But you make them and in the end they are you. Once in a while though you have to make a firm choice, you have to stand for something instead of abandoning what you’re doing for something else. In that is a decision. A decision that may leave you behind, but you did it for a reason instead of abandoning everything. Jumping is worth it, but at one point you have to stop jumping and face the right reasons for standing ground. Soon it will be time to leap… and then you’ll know why you’re about to do it again.


Come now. Don’t do it.
Haven’t you heard a thing I’ve said?
Keep looking around it won’t help.
It isn’t necessary for you to speak; I know what you’re thinking.
And yes, I know you’re wondering how I’m doing this.
Hold on. Before you…

Do you have a minute? Give me a moment to explain. That’s all I’m asking and I’ll explain. See, I know you. I know what you can do. I’ve seen the things you’ve seen and you’re wondering what it means. Only unless you figure it all out you’ll forget about it. Tell me, are you tired of all the parlor tricks? The mind reading at the banks, the supermarkets and sometimes walking into others subconscious thoughts. How do I know? Let me tell you a little about the things that I know…

December 15, 1980. The first recorded leap claims the life of a schoolteacher in Minnesota. There weren’t any specifics to the case other than she was teaching a class of 5th graders about Manifest Destiny when there was a very extreme shift in her consciousness. Three students and an aide lost their lives in the aftermath of trying to help. There are few details of the incident. No one knows what happened to that person leaping in, only how it affected the host. They continue to tell people forty years later is that a conscious leap continues to be fatal for the host.

October 281984. A 1½ year old boy has been leaping into the minds of those around him at a steady level of increase since his mother documents moments of shared unconsciousness with her fetus at the 7th month of her pregnancy. The child exhibits potential to develop his advancing ability after demonstrating a leap into the subconscious of a person that has entered REM sleep without breaking his own awareness.

Do you understand?
You can not fear this.
I am not here to harm you. I’m…
Shh… you must stop. Listen.
You’ll only… I’m giving you a choice.
In the end you’ll need to take it or…

I’m not like the others. I am going to help you realize your potential. But you have to take the first step and stop. I can not choose this for you. The mind is the one thing you can trust. The perception of the world around you and how you react to it is completely under your control. The mind is the most powerful tool in the realization of human potential. Most people will never realize their full potential because no one told them to. No one pointed out their one gift and they sit useless waiting for something to happen. Stop waiting. Nothing will happen if you wait.

It’s already happened though. I know how. And I can tell you how I know. The first time it happens you’re still wondering how it happened before you realize it’s not over. In the middle of my first leap I experienced a moment of déjà vu. A feeling of belonging to someone else’s memory that couldn’t be true. Now that I look back I can understand how that feeling corresponds to who I am. But back to the first time. You wouldn’t know what hit you, only that you’re not in your own head anymore…

June 7th 1995. 12am. LA county sheriff’s office picks up a man wandering the streets claiming to be a woman trapped in a stranger’s body. The man, a retired judge with a wife and home, never travelled abroad, uncommon to sleepwalking seemed to be completely delusional. At time of arrest he was only speaking a form of Portuguese most commonly used in a southern portion of Brazil. His dialect matches those native to the particular South American region according to the translator. 4am, the man drops back into a deep sleep. 4:15am, the man asks the sheriff why he’s in the county lockup before asking to call his wife for bail. Despite the sheriff’s notes regarding the irregularity of the case, repeatedly mentioning the mental instability and language barrier in the delusion of the man, the medical report only reflected the man suffered from an extreme incident of sleepwalking.

Tell me how… what was your first time? Was it a vision of the answers to a test at school, an unconscious schoolmate’s daydream, or your perhaps your sister’s nightmare? It was a dream, wasn’t it? Not to worry, they usually are. Mine was a dream, too. You see you aren’t alone. There are others. And like you, many do not know until it’s too late. It is not safe.

Unexplained cases of leaping followed the precursor and for last forty years the government has claimed to harness this potential. The only thing they do is deny that it exists... at all costs. Destroying. Eradicating. The extermination of families and individuals was kept to a minimum volume. Thousands have been butchered for not discovering their potential sooner. Living in the dark without knowing. Like you, leaping after one thing onto another then another, using this magnificence in a cheap sordid capacity without understanding.

January 16th, 2005. Four scientists were working on practical applications of shared consciousness. Three were executed, along with all their assistants and families. The research was benign. The work was focusing on the capabilities of using shared consciousness to help psychologically traumatized patients. But before their deaths a catalyst was discovered; a means of controlling the natural ability.

Before that breakthrough the only thing that these minds couldn’t do was stop it from happening. Until fifteen years ago. I was one of those scientists and by chance I survived to walk away with that knowledge. Only it isn’t my desire to see it stopped. The time is now. There’s no waiting anymore. It’s my turn now. I’m going to wake up the sleepers. Reveal their potential. Force them into the life that they don’t know is waiting for them. Just like I’m talking to you… Soon they will understand.

You see, there was one thing they have wrong. There’s no harm in leaping into the conscious mind. The longer a person lives with the ability to do this, the more control they have over it. It’s like a mental pushup that’s performed over and over again. As you can attest, there’s little to no effort involved in lifting a person’s account number or alarm code. In fact, I know that you’re reading that man’s mind across the street in the apartment next to the fire escape. Don’t be ashamed. It’s a gift, use it. While he sits there reading his book you’re reading his latent thoughts. Skimming the surface. Only can you imagine being able to jump all the way? That’s why I’m here. Think as large as you can. It is possible.

It’s funny, when it changed for me. And your gift will change. Trust it.


The thing that I can remember most vividly was the tingling. As though it were a limb that hadn’t fully recognized its awareness of life. The feeling like my mind was asleep and wide awake at the same time. Not like before with the dreams that felt like memories. In the middle of someone else’s body without leaving my own. I was standing on 5th avenue about to cross the street when I was also 3000 miles away doing the dishes listening to the radio while looking out a window at the San Francisco Bay. Both in the same moment.

In that moment a bright brown bird, a sparrow flies in through a window and spins around my head. Only it’s not my head. Feelings of unrestrained panic are present although they are not mine. Reacting hands that are not mine, two hands, which move through long brown hair as they guide this bird to a door. As I struggle with the feelings of fear to release the bird, a dish drops and breaks. Without restraint, with open eyes, I watch her foot step over the glass and her hands open the door.

It’s afterwards I realize that this wasn’t the same as leaping into the subconscious. My mind was in control of a waking mind. And not just any waking mind, one that wasn’t anywhere near me.

Shh… These interruptions. Understand, I am not controlling you right now. You have free will. Go on do something. Anything. See you can jump up and down. I would prefer you get us something to drink. I’m simply parched. You must comprehend that because I’m talking to you doesn’t mean I’m manipulating you. I choose not to control you. I want you to decide. To make the decision that I didn’t have. I was born into this. You don’t have to be. I can turn it off but understand there is no going back. Alright? Please keep listening.

With all things there are two sides. The controlled and uncontrolled. With the mind you choose your own limits. As much as you can not see me I am in your mind. Don’t believe me? Stop me. Go on. Then push me out. You can’t. This is because you can not control it. Like I said before. It is possible to control this gift. You have the potential to leap all way from here to there. When you are ready you will be able to do this.

Are you ready?

To begin, we’ll start off with an unconscious leap. The man is asleep. Go.

Trust me. You know why now...



The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up. – Paul Valery.

WAKE UP! Take a jump into the deep end. You can swim. It’s a natural human instinct that we forget without use. This goes for any ability. Leap! And don’t forget to relax. Panic makes you sink.

Awake. This is the first of its kind. Collaboration, the idea was entirely co-created. It’s been tossing back and forth, a little over a month and finally come to fruition. For many months, my favorite Zen master likes to tell me about her astral projecting, before telling me about parallel universes and string theory and in return I like to tell her that I can read minds before sharing about people who can create a force with their mind and about others that bend the laws of physics. From those discussions and exploring lucid dreaming came this idea. Anyhow, not to digress... Odd week. Been back to writing steadily & stockpiling as of late between daytime moonlighting. Currently amid four, now three that I’m closing up. For the time being... Enjoy! Kisses. m.

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