Thursday, January 28, 2010

I’ll give you something.

I’ll give you something.

A: I’ll give you something. Something you’ll never forget.

B: Alright? Show me then.

A: First of all… well before that, you’re gonna want to use your hands. Are you comfortable with this? I’ve never given step-by-step directions before. It’s a little weird.

B: Yeah, I’m totally comfortable. So, do you want me to wash my hands then? Some people are picky about cleanliness. I can even shower if you want.

A: Ha-ha. That’s not necessary. Clean hands are as good as any place to start. Besides by the time we’re done you’ll probably want a shower. But don’t hold me to that.

B: Oh-ho! Hands clean. Prepped and ready. Now what?

A: Don’t be afraid to get in there. Use a little force. You won’t be hurting anything. There is no such thing as enough.

B: This is kinda fun. Are you sure a little harder won’t hurt?

A: No, not at all. You’ll really want to beat it until it’s nice and firm. Keep going. I think we’re doing good.

B: I’m all over the place. Look at this mess. There’s stuff coming out everywhere.

A: Messy is good. In fact get a little dirty while you’re at it. How can you enjoy yourself if you don’t let go? I’m having fun, you should be too. Don’t be so nervous. You’re doing fine.

B: Of course you’re having fun. You have it easy. Watching and telling me where to put my hands. Maybe you aren't enjoying yourself? I’m really doing this wrong and you’re just getting a laugh out of this.

A: Don’t be silly. I’m not laughing at you. You’re doing exceptional. There are few people who can pick up these types of skills with such ease. Working with your hands comes naturally.

B: I’m just so glad you could help me this way. It was a little embarrassing at first…

A: Don’t worry about it. After all it’s not everyday a young man learns to make a cake.

I'll give you something alright... *waves a fist. kisses. and just kidding. This is more of my playing with scenes and getting closer to the '300'. Love Capote. Damn you wonderful men and your inspirations! There's fabulous women too! Ayn Rand, Anais Nin, Sylvia Plath... to name a few. And of course this is the tiny little bit I came up with for kicks last week while fooling around with notes. I told you it was dreadfully short and completely ridiculous. It was in response to a conversation I had while visiting my friend Sean. He was telling me about things that sound like they mean other things. You know cause people are always thinking that something means something else. Hey, weren't you supposed to play me something? 

Anyways, I've been in bed for the better part of a day... under the weather. Awoke abruptly at 1am to worship the porcelain god for the better part of the morning and lay across the newly completed gray tile floor. It's such a beautiful floor even when my head and body hurts. Hangover induced illness? No drinking last night. Sober as a girl scout. kisses. Did get out for a smidge, cause I'm useless stuck indoors all day. Despite my mind over matter theory I'm still not at all myself this evening. Would love to give you something longer. But I have to hold back. I'm excited and shouldn't say anything yet... 

Ok, I can think of no better moment. For the month of February, I'm attempting to produce at minimum 28 pieces with a chance +3 for good measure. Something new each day. Except I know me better and despite what some people may think... I'm a realist. An imagination with a streak of reason. What the hell, indeed! It's a fine line and someone has to walk it! With that being said, I will try to post something new everyday, however there may be days of multiples instead. For now.... On the mend. kisses. m. 

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