Monday, October 5, 2009


Artwork - The Used

"Art is anything you can get away with". Warhol.

This image comes from the cover sleeve of a CD.  Anyhow I fell in love with this image from the moment I saw it and I think that it speaks volumes. Art is like an addiction. Well, to an artist of course. Like something you can not escape, although often you may try to walk away. It calls, pulls, and drags you back. There is no describing it. Like a junkie you can 't stop yourself. You wear the scars and move in patterns that others do not understand. I think this image truly conjures up the tried and true question: Does the artist suffer for his/her art? In my opinion, yes. So much is given and one is completely consumed when amidst a project that nothing that surrounds has any relevance. Life without living is a form of suffering. And what are the limits of creation? Where are the boundaries? Taboo? This image alone drags up the connotations of drug use and tragic artists. Art is only art until they change their minds.

kisses. m.

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